Who Are We?

Aitkens Media was founded by Joanna Aitkens in 2010

We are experienced marketing, PR and social media professionals, writers and journalists who have extensive backgrounds in a wide variety of business sectors around the world.

Our Team

We have a wonderful team of writers, designers, community managers, pr and marketing professionals that all work from remote office in the UK.


Since 2010, Joanna Aitkens, has been building a highly motivated, creative team that delivers sparkling copy, fresh designs, targeted advertising and engaging social media. She lives and works in the beautiful rural countryside of Rutland having previously run a PR agency in Surrey and been a successful IT training consultant in the 90s.

At Aitkens Media, we believe in providing a prestige service designed to grow your business with our skilled social media marketing expertise. We have an amazing five-star team of people who can focus on your brand using their awesome skills for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Blog and copywriting as well as online advertising.

We have always been excited about providing excellent value for money for our clients. Our team live and work wherever they choose. We believe that the power of today’s technology and remote working can result in lower costs and a better quality of life, as well as happier more creative people. We think this matters to you too.