The forecasts for Christmas 2020 don’t look good.  The UK is currently in Lockdown 2, University students are preparing for mass coronavirus testing in order to get them home to their families and Turkey farmers are seriously concerned that, with reduced gatherings around the Christmas dinner table, there will be a lot less gobble this year.

Amidst all of this, I feel there is a need for a soothing balm for our troubled souls.  It may sound trivial but I’m currently immersing myself in nostalgia and looking forward to tomorrow.  Tomorrow is the official beginning of the festive season for me.  The much anticipated, annual, feel-good Christmas TV ad from John Lewis launches and, as usual, will rely on the traditional recipe of a pinch of cuteness, a spoonful of deliciously reimagined harmonies, a cup of sage advice and a dash of angels tears all expertly delivered.

Personally, this year’s John Lewis ad is going to be hard-pressed to lift our spirits. But, let’s not forget, that over the years, that’s exactly what they’ve reliably done.

If you’re in any doubt as to how in tune they have been with us, their loyal customers, then grab your winter coat and don your wooly scarf and mittens for a saunter down memory lane… and be prepared for a tear-jerking reminder of why we love these Christmas TV ads so much.

Stay safe, friends.

2019: Excitable Edgar – Adam&EveDDB
[tg_youtube width=”” height=”” video_id=”RqEpoGgN6N4″]

2018: The Boy And The Piano – Adam&EveDDB
[tg_youtube width=”” height=”” video_id=”VXGBgLouyE8″]

2017: Moz The Monster – Adam&EveDDB
[tg_youtube width=”” height=”” video_id=”smr7eSxyGeY”]

2016: Buster The Boxer – Adam&EveDDB
[tg_youtube width=”” height=”” video_id=”4qo27xcVS5I”]

2015: Man On The Moon – Adam&EveDDB
[tg_youtube width=”” height=”” video_id=”jGY-T4W-BOc”]

2014: Monty The Penguin – Adam&EveDDB
[tg_youtube width=”” height=”” video_id=”RSxOjBIjyhI”]

2013: The Bear & The Hare – Adam&EveDDB
[tg_youtube width=”” height=”” video_id=”mer6X7nOY_o”]

2012: The Journey – Adam&EveDDB
[tg_youtube width=”” height=”” video_id=”KOE7-pJIP0k”]

2011: The Long Wait – Adam&Eve
[tg_youtube width=”” height=”” video_id=”X5RhP3H3G7w”]

2010: A Tribute to Givers – Adam&Eve
[tg_youtube width=”” height=”” video_id=”Wf50NjgJnv8″]

2009: Sweet Child o’ Mine – Adam&Eve
[tg_youtube width=”” height=”” video_id=”DZ7Rz2rmjck”]

2008: From Me To You – Lowe London
[tg_youtube width=”” height=”” video_id=”TmQ74XO_Fx0″]