Here’s something that made all of us at Aitkens Media collectively go “ahhh”.  Take a look at how the Ritz-Carlton Company have created a simple, animated story about one of their guests.

The animation, called “Let Us Stay With You”, was inspired by a retired, recently widowed former Russian cosmonaut’s stay at their Chinese resort.  Their retired guest felt unable to enjoy his stay because it was incomplete without his wife.

The hotel manager, always attentively listening to his guests, decided to gather his staff together.  After much discussion, they created a large sand sculpture in the shape of a rocket and even managed to find the cosmonaut’s favourite tipple, which they redesigned with accounts of his epic space adventures.

The Ritz-Carlton Company have used real guests’ stories of their time at their hotels to shape their animation campaign.  Using six keywords, their campaign centres on: “remarkable life”, “heartfelt tribute” and “spirits soar”.  These themes also take in some of the Ritz-Carlton’s other hotels around the world, including New York City, Tokyo and Grand Cayman.

Your Customer Experience

If you had to create a short animation about your customers’ experience with your business, what would it look like?  Try brainstorming just 6 keywords that would sum up how they might feel.  Leave a comment below to tell us what you come up with.

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