Medical advertising has often been guilty of being too complex and, dare we say it, too clinical. (We’re aware of the pun!)  With spinning molecules, interplanetary grids, dense copy and boring graphics, medical ads simply weren’t connecting with the very people they were aiming to help.  

The Hytrin Ad, however, demonstrated with the simplicity of a balloon that here was a pharmaceutical company that truly understood how their patients felt.

“This is how BPH [benign prostatic hyperplasia] feels. This is how Hytrin works to relieve the pressures of BPH. That quickly. That simply.”

Hytrin Ad

When we’re ill we want our doctor to understand how we feel. We’re hoping for as little embarrassment as possible and we hope the remedy is simple, effective and fast.

The Hytrin ad addresses all these points simply and without fuss.

When marketing your medical or pharmaceutical company online, are patients at the core of your plans?

Do you demonstrate that you understand how your patient feels?

How are you optimising your campaigns for patient engagement?

We all have a story to tell about our own health.  Whether it’s the stories of when our children were born, our parents got sick, that time we got food poisoning, daily aches and pains, or even memorable childhood accidents, we talk about health constantly.   

Social media groups, pages and personal profiles are full of people discussing health related issues. 

It’s our job to make sure that correct information is available without sounding like it’s from a piece of science fiction.  We need to talk honestly and openly, using terms that people understand.  And it needs to be relatable.

Social media is a valuable tool for healthcare providers to connect directly with the very people they can help.

Let’s cut the bloat and offer the type of friendly, helpful conversation that we’re all looking for.  Less science fiction and more “I know just how that feels.”



*benign prostatic hyperplasia