Even though content marketing has been the buzz-word in marketing circles for several years, not everyone understands what it is or what it’s for?   The confusion is understandable.  Content marketing represents a shift from the ‘look at me’ approach of traditional advertising with easy-to-track quick results to a more subtle and, sometimes, harder to track customer-focused approach.

How Can Content Marketing Help Me?

Content marketing is a cost-effective way to promote your business.  When implemented correctly it can result in an increase of awareness that translates into an increase in sales.  In the information age, content marketing can help a business stand out by offering what customers are looking for: reliable information.  The better your content is, the more your audience will share your content and the better your SEO results will be.

content marketingWhat Is Content Marketing?

So, what exactly constitutes content marketing?  In short: the creation, publishing and distribution of information to an audience.

The content can vary and includes, but is not limited to, videos, podcasts, blog articles, social media posts, infographics, apps, quizzes, newsletters, e-books, case studies, Q&A sessions, webinars, photographs, and much, much more.

All this information is usually distributed online to a targeted audience as a way to raise awareness and generate conversions.

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The Buying Process

5 step buying processDid you know that there’s a 5-step buying process?

Traditional marketing focuses on steps 3 and 4: evaluating/comparison and buying.  Running a campaign that ignores the previous steps and the final one could mean the loss of a large number of customers or not being aware of customer service issues. Content marketing deals with steps in the buying process, not just the act of choosing and purchasing.

Download our guide to THE 5-STEP BUYING PROCESS

How Content Marketing Supports the Buying Cycle

The goals of content marketing help build trust and create awareness of what’s important to your customers.  You don’t directly sell through content marketing, instead you offer relevant and useful information to your audience, so that part of that audience will become paying customers and advocates for your brand.

Content marketing avoids hard selling and pitching.  Instead, it places the focus on your customer and their needs, rather than your issues as a business owner.

Work With Us

Do you find it difficult and time-consuming to provide good content? In a world where online searches can produce millions of results, you need to provide a steady stream of stimulating, thought-provoking and helpful content.  We recognise that creating and placing that content in the right places can be frustrating and tiring.  Aitkens Media can help you step up your game to produce exceptional content that your customers will love and that supports your traditional marketing plans.