It’s wonderful to be a part of a fabulous team and we’re excited to show you the newest edition of Discover Rutland Magazine.  We’re always so proud to support rural businesses and the hard working teams behind them.

Exciting storytelling is a major part of what we use to bring businesses to the attention of wider audiences.  Whether it’s writing sparkling feature articles or creating snappy post copy, we use our depth of expertise to present irresistible stories that your customers will love, share and remember.

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To be a magical storyteller you’ve got to be an excellent listener … and a bit of a sleuth too! Discovering topics that are relevant to your customers, to make them lean in and want to know more, requires time, patience and skill.

Discover Rutland

You could be forgiven for thinking that Rutland, the smallest county in the UK, doesn’t have a lot to shout about.  But we know differently.  It’s packed full of fascinating history, world-famous wildlife, creative talent, artisan bakers, wholesome food producers, stunning landscapes, exciting sports and one of the largest collection of entrepreneurs you’ll find in England!

Over recent years there has been a resurgence in the demand for locally produced food and drink and faster broadband access has allowed rural businesses to reach out to worldwide markets.  Whilst rural businesses can often suffer from different pressures to their city-based cousins, technology has helped to close the gaps between them and created strong relationships between supply and demand.

5 Top Tips on How to Be a Great Storyteller

  1. Start with thinking like your customer – what would they really want to read about?
  2. What’s your hook? Decide on the central theme of your story.
  3. Use clear images to help tell your story
  4. Tell your customers why your story is important to them
  5. What do you want your readers to do when they read your story?

What if you’re not a natural storyteller?

If you’re running a business (or even a county) it can be overwhelming to think of how to reach out to new customers by using word of mouth marketing with the power of storytelling.  But it needn’t be.  Engaging a creative team of experts to help you make the most of storytelling, social media and digital advertising has never been easier.

Everyone has a story – what’s yours?

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