Are you feeling overwhelmed with a never ending to-do list for your business?  At this time of year, it can feel as though even if you worked 24 hours a day you’d never get through everything.  There’s so much to stay on top of and it can feel as though you’re drowning in a sea of marketing and social media tasks whilst you try to keep your business afloat!

Never-Ending To-Do List?

There are social media posts to create and publish to all your business networks.  The blog needs your attention as you haven’t written anything for ages.  You’ve got direct messages from customers pinging up on your computer screen and smart phone all day.  Goodness knows how you’re supposed to manage everything whilst ensuring products are packed and shipped to expectant customers.

But as you worry about how you’re going to manage, there is a quick and reliable solution.  It’s time to outsource.  Even if it’s only for a period of a few months, outsourcing your social media and content creation requirements is a very smart way of freeing up your time and regaining your sanity!

Take Action!

1. Social media agencies can manage all your social networks at once.  Whether you’re on just Facebook or use a combination of Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Instagram, you can hand over the complicated arrangements to a team of experts.  They’ll ensure that your business is effectively engaging on every network without running out of ideas about what to post or when.  Your brand will look professional and have clear marketing objectives to make the most of every online opportunity.

2. Your social media agency can collect customer feedback for you.  Asking the right questions and collating the responses is a valuable task that will benefit your marketing strategy, both short and long term.  Delegate this task to experienced social media managers and you’ll receive customer insights that will help shape the future of your business.

3. A professional social media team can act as ambassadors for customer service.  Watch as they turn every direct message and comment into a positive customer experience opportunity.  Give your new social media agency plenty of information about your company, products and policies and they’ll do the rest.  Rave reviews about your awesome customer service will work wonders for future sales and company branding.

4. Listening out for trends is time consuming and if you’re not listening to the right channels you’ll miss out on vital information for your business.  Social media agencies are great at listening out for innovative and useful news whilst spotting those trends that will help you grow your business.  Without you having to lift a finger, your business will always be up to date and on-trend.

5. You don’t need to worry about implementing the latest developments on each social network when you have a trusted team of social media experts.  Your profiles will be regularly audited and new features, where relevant, will be utilised.  Your new team can also offer advice about the best way to handle complex digital marketing issues and social media technical support.

6. Curating 3rd party content can help boost your social media and blogging schedule whilst creating additional indexable links and improving your SEO.  Finding the time to research the best 3rd party articles, posts and videos to share online is a complex task.  It takes time and skill to know where to find the best material and how to use it to promote your brand as a trusted source for relatable & reliable content.  Give this job to your social media agency and you’ll save yourself time & effort whilst reaping the rewards.

If your business is stretched temporarily due to seasonal demands, staff illness or maternity leave, outsourcing is a fast, effective and affordable solution.  Delegate time-consuming tasks, reduce stress and grow your business with expert help from seasoned social media professionals.


Aitkens Media Ltd. is a social media agency with over 10 years experience of helping businesses successfully cope with the pressures of digital marketing & copywriting.