There are two main gripes that businesses have with maintaining their social media profiles.  The first is that it takes up too much time and the second is that, whatever you post, it doesn’t seem to get much engagement.  The conclusion that many come to is that social media is a waste of time & that it’s too difficult to make your Facebook Business Page a success.

But wait, what if I told you that your approach is all wrong. 

Let’s go back to basics.  Buying and selling goods and services has always been based on what your customers needs are, what product/service feature addresses those needs and the benefit that this brings to your customer (how does it improve their life) – Need, Feature, Benefit.

Understandably, businesses get so wrapped up in what they’re doing that they forget to think like their customers.

Go to your Facebook business page now and look at it as though you are a potential customer.  What do you see? 

Make your Facebook Business Page a success with our checklist:

  1. Do you see a clear description of what’s on offer and how your life will improve with these products/services? 
  2. Do you see clear images that depict your products, your staff, the ethos of your company? 
  3. How easy is it to be tempted by a new product or special offer?
  4. How often do you see a way to use these products/services in a way that is useful or new to you?
  5. Is value for money and high quality clearly demonstrated?
  6. Is the language user friendly, clear and informative?
  7. Are the posts varied and interesting with clear call to actions? 
  8. Does this page look as though it’s maintained regularly with professionalism and enthusiasm?
  9. Is your Facebook Business a beautiful shop window that entices you to come in and discover more? 

Frustrated with social media? It’s too easy to say that social media doesn’t work when really what we mean is “I don’t know how to do this properly” or “I don’t know who to ask for help.” 

Just because you run your own business you don’t have to be an expert in every field of management. 

Ask for help:

You’re quick to seek expertise to avoid getting a nasty shock from the taxman which is why you hire reputable, experienced accountants.  To deal with legal matters you’d be crazy to think you could do without an excellent solicitor or lawyer.  You take out professional insurance to protect yourself from the possibility that things might go wrong and some business will think nothing of hiring a local cleaning firm to help keep everything clean and tidy.  

But, when it comes to social media and online marketing, companies take on the lifeblood of their business as though its a certainty that they know what they’re doing.

Click here to Download 6 Tips to Make your Facebook Page A SuccessTake a long, hard, critical look at your social networks.  If you were your customer, would you like and share your posts?  If not, why not? Be brutally honest with yourself, this is no time to flatter the Emperor about his new clothes! 


Click here to Download 6 Tips to Make your Facebook Page A Success


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