We’re delighted to introduce you to our newest client, Operative Experience, Inc., creators of simulation based systems for surgery & pre-hospital training.  OEI have re-imagined medical education with life identical patient simulators that offer a true-to-life operative experience for learners.  

Their next-generation healthcare simulation training includes obstetrics, tactical and surgical specialties.  OEI customers love the realism of their simulators and the way high-adrenaline operating situations are accurately replicated for medical practitioners.

OEI’s medical simulators are the only fully-operative simulators where learners can train to incise, dissect, retract and suture with real surgical instruments. They also provide the only solution available for simulating fully operative C-sections, postpartum haemorrhage control and C-hyst procedures.

OEI produce a complete training suite that is available in a ruggedised, soldier form for combat casualty care preparation.  The Tactical Casualty Care Simulator (TCCS) provides the ability to create realistic and challenging training scenarios in any simulated battlefield or active shooter environment.

To complement these product ranges, OEI deliver the only ‘hands-in-the-body’ open surgery training experience.  Designed and clinically validated by surgeons, OEI biofedelic emulation technology allows practitioners to experience and master surgical procedures on fully operable and anatomical correct simulators.

We have a great team here at Aitkens Media who have a shared interest and understanding of medical & surgical fields. With our breadth of knowledge and experience we’re looking forward to working with the dedicated & highly skilled team at Operative Experience.