At last, native Instagram scheduling in an official app!  

Scheduling Instagram posts has always been tricky. For anyone trying to keep their Instagram business account up to date, and full of fresh posts, if you didn’t want to post in real-time, there haven’t many options available.  Whilst scheduling with a handful of third-party tools was a helpful addition, these often haven’t had full access to Instagram’s API.

The new announcement, by Facebook, offers a vast improvement as you’ll be able to see exactly what your posts will look like before you schedule them and you’ll also be able to access IGTV publishing too.  However, it still doesn’t give you the option to schedule Instagram Stories posts… yet.

What will I need?

You’ll need to have an Instagram business account linked to your Creator Studio dashboard to take advantage of this new offering.

What else is good about this announcement?

Another plus point, is that you can now add multiple images to your scheduled post.  This is something that third-party tools haven’t been able to offer.

Is there anything else I should know?

The big question is what will it do to levels of engagement.  Many people have said that using any form of third-party tool, to post to Instagram, results in much less engagement. That could be a real turn-off for many social media managers.

Whilst it’s early days, we’re keen to experiment with this new tool and we’ll keep you posted on our progress and bring you any new developments.

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